The Trane That Ran For Miles

About the band members

Brandee Younger

Possesses a tonal palette of rare and extraordinary color earth tones and celestial blues.

Lenny White

Dazzles with splashes of rhythmicana-like strokes on a beautiful canvas of time pattern.

Dezron Douglas

An easel-like support that creates a platform to inspire and display thematic artistic construct.

James D-Train Williams

Mouthpiece of myterioso artistry. Paints vivid and abstract sounds that defy pigeon holes. 

Jay Rodriguez

Soars in an illimitable space of creativity, composing incomparable arrays of musical canvas

Together they are the masterpiece that is the Crimson Arc

Greene & Blu

Our First Single Available for Download Soon..

Jeremy Bean Clemmons - drums

Brandee Younger - harp

James D Train Wiliams - vocal

Jay Rodriguez - flute

Dezron Douglas - bass